darsham listed building

Planning permission: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Part 2

In part one of our series on planning permission, we discussed what happens when planning is navigated successfully. But what happens when things go wrong? Shaun Soanes explores the consequences of planning breaches and why it’s best to get it right from the beginning.

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Planning permission: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Part 1

Finding a stunning Tudor house to call home or a charming thatched cottage of your dreams is one thing. Finding out that it’s listed is quite another. Shaun Soanes discusses why “listed” doesn’t have to ring alarm bells and why securing planning permission is absolutely possible.

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the victoria and albert museum architecture

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Based in South Kensington since 1856, The Victoria and Albert Museum has long been known for one of the most significant collections of decorative arts across the globe and demonstrates British Design and Craftmanship through these collections as well as in the architecture of its buildings. The buildings have undergone changes through addition and alteration consistently; the Conservation Management Plan documents the significance of these changes.

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Your older home

Older buildings are valued because they tell us about the past, making a lot of them protected by authorities as they have special historic or architectural appeal. When owning or living in a listed building or living in a conservation area, there are other things to consider. But we are here to help you learn more about owning a different, but exciting home.

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15 home projects you don’t need planning permission for

Want to refurbish or renovate an existing building? You’ll be happy to find out just how many things you are able to do without having to go through the tedious planning permission process.

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Underground Restrictions

London Borough set to place restrictions on ‘Mega’ basement conversions

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is set to reduce the number of ‘super-sized’ basement extensions – which have become increasingly popular because of the strict planning guidelines for the area. The applications for basement developments increased from 46 in 2001 to 450 last year and the council say they have also increased in size with some residents wanting up to (or should we say down to) 3 storey basements.

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