A Good Relationship Between Architect and Interior Designer is Crucial

It’s a question almost as old as the chicken and the egg; who do you choose first – architect or interior designer?

Designers and architects aren’t always the most comfortable of bedfellows – while there is a lot of overlap, the different skills, perspectives and priorities can create challenges. To an extent the answer is in the scale of your project and how dramatically a space needs to be remodelled. But, however you begin, the earlier the team gets together the better the results will be – and the key to the success of any project is that everyone involved truly understands and is aligned with the needs of the client. Read more

How to convert your loft

Before beginning your loft conversion, you may need to understand exactly what it will involve and how it will affect the design of your home. This step-by-step guide shows the 6 key things to consider when deciding whether or not a loft conversion is the right way to add more space to your property.

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6 home design ideas to inspire you

If you’re planning some home improvements, or want to build from scratch, there are so many great home design ideas worth looking into.

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