Opening of a new historic landmark

A popular landmark is set to re-open its doors as a restaurant following a complete refurbishment we undertook recently.

Originally built in 1881 to a competition design by London architect John Johnson, the Grade II listed former post office was in need of extensive interior and exterior renovations. Read more

How the growing demand for smart homes is changing architectural design

A smart clock that adjusts the morning alarms according to your work schedule; the shower that is already warm before you step in; the coffee made and waiting for you in the kitchen. Sound too futuristic? No – smart homes are here! Read more

Past, present and future is the theme of NJ Architects 25th celebration

Our 25th anniversary celebration was attended by two very special guests who helped to tell the real story behind NJ Architects. The pair – the oldest and youngest attendees of the party – epitomised the past and present position of our multi-award-winning Ipswich practice, which has a colourful backstory – and a bright future. Read more

architecture students

7 essential tips for emerging architecture professionals

It can be daunting to go from studying architecture at university to being out in the real world. You’ll start asking questions like “What firm should I go to?” or “Do I know enough to work on a project that will actually be built?” Don’t worry – this is completely normal.

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Construction companies are embracing drones

Drones have become commercially viable by being used across many different sectors. This is particularly in the construction industry, where advantages include improved project monitoring and the reduction of safety risks.

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european architecture

10 cities to visit if you love European architecture

Architecture in Europe offers some of the widest diversity in the world. Because of its rich architectural and cultural history, Europe is a wonderland for design lovers and photographers alike. Here are some of the best cities with something unique to offer.

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Architecture is getting a bit more “hip hop”

Each major cultural era in Western society—the Renaissance, the Baroque, Modernism— had its register in five areas: art, music, theatre, dance, and architecture. Here Shaun Soanes takes a look at why architecture has been sidelined in the hip-hop movement.

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Buildings which started life as a joke

Modern architecture is full of surprises but some of the interesting buildings around the world started life as a joke. Shaun Soanes investigates.

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Hostile architecture sits uncomfortably – quite literally

Architecture is the art of designing and building structures for the benefit of communities. So what happens when the purpose of the project is to keep people out? Shaun Soanes explores the controversial concept of hostile architecture.

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To mark #EthelDay we call for more diversity in the sector

Studies show there has only been incremental improvement in racial diversity and the representation of women in architecture in the last few years. Here, just weeks after the sector celebrated International Women in Architecture Day – also known as #EthelDay – Shaun Soanes explains why we need to push for more.

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