Reconstruction and internal adaptation of listed hall

The original house was a detached redbrick with a concrete tiled roof set in a garden plot within a seaside town in Suffolk, built around 1927 by a local builder.

The works comprised of a comprehensive re-modelling and extension of the existing house, construction of a new garage block with annex, new pool house and complete re-landscaping. Although the house was in good order, improvements in the layout were required to address the historic changes to the frontage, particularly the main entrance which is located on the west side. All visitors now approach from the east side, the proposals were seen as an opportunity to resolve this internally, whilst retain the integrity of the building form. Modest extensions were proposed which included the demolition of existing flat roofed extensions, which all relate to the original” service” side of the house. This aspect is now the frontage of the house, facing out towards the church.

The interior works, included full design of the kitchen and bathrooms, new fireplaces all of which were purpose designed.  The staircase was completely remodeled based on a chinois style, typifying the arts and crafts interior modeling.

As a progression of the interior space, NJA also over saw the external landscape works, thus linking both internal and external space.