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How to convert your loft

Before beginning your loft conversion, you may need to understand exactly what it will involve and how it will affect the design of your home. This step-by-step guide shows the 6 key things to consider when deciding whether or not a loft conversion is the right way to add more space to your property.

To mark #EthelDay we call for more diversity in the sector

Studies show there has only been incremental improvement in racial diversity and the representation of women in architecture in the last few years. Here, just weeks after the sector celebrated International Women in Architecture Day – also known as #EthelDay – Shaun Soanes explains why we need to push for more.

Architects need to drop the jargon

Architects struggle to drop the jargon and engage the public. That was the message from writer and broadcaster Tom Dyckhoff earlier this month after he started a furious Twitter argument by suggesting that architects speak in deliberately unintelligible language. Here Shaun Soanes joins the debate.