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Archaeology is a consideration in construction

This week the Leicester car park under which Richard III’s body was discovered has been given special protection as an archaeological site of national importance. Here Shaun Soanes explains why archaeology has become an increasingly important consideration of construction, development and refurbishment projects.

Reordering churches can reinvent the space

Faced with dwindling attendances on Sundays and a desire to attract new worshippers, the Church of England has been trying to open up historic buildings for new uses such as concerts, plays or community groups. Here Shaun Soanes explains how reordering projects have breathed new life into a number of churches.

Celebrating team growth as we head into 2018

We are celebrating after taking on five new members of staff just months after moving to bigger premises. Now in our 20th year of business, we moved from Berners Street to Wherry Quay on the waterfront in Ipswich in June. Since then the team has grown from 12 to 17.

Preserving our ghost stories for generations to come

Last month Eight Ghosts, a book of ghost stories based on famous English Heritage sites, went on sale – much to the delight of the general public. Here, Shaun Soanes, who has worked on a number of historical buildings boasting tales of the unexpected, explains why mysterious occurrences just add another element of intrigue to […]

Do architects still put pen to paper?

Architect Pippa Jacob is a member of Ipswich Sketch Club, a group that meet once a month to just drawing buildings. Here she explains why, despite the rise of computer graphics in architecture, putting pen to paper is still important to her.

Don’t let your plans go to the party wall

Last week, Pippa Jacob attended a seminar about The Party Wall Act 1996 presented by Justin Harvey from JP Chick and Partners, and provided by P&T Club, an organisation with a particular specialism in this piece of legislation. Here she explains why you shouldn’t let your plans go to the party wall when it comes […]