London Clubs

NJ Architects have carried out many alterations to clubs and restaurants.  In the case of the Oriental club, the Entrance Hall has remained unchanged in the main and forms part of the original 1771 structure.  Minor alterations and changes have taken place in recent years as the building has evolved.  The most significant of these relate to the 20th Century when the current owners made changes in the 1960’s. The interior fabric is relatively intact and can be easily read and analysed to inform the current proposals. The proposals intend to reverse the 20th Century interventions, returning the Entrance Hall to its former state, prior to the 20th Century works, to be enjoyed by all visitors to the building. The removal of the dominant reception counter is also welcomed as this does little to help users enjoy the formal status of the Entrance Hall. The drawn image shows what is planned.  Other images, provide examples of London club and restaurant interiors, where NJA have provided support of interior and joinery as part of a collaborative building team, where NJ Architects provide the design lead.