election result

What does the election result mean for architecture?

We are currently in the middle of post-election carnage. But as Theresa May attempts to get her government plan in order, Shaun Soanes looks into what the election result means for creative industries.

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electric palace

Joining the campaign to save the electric palace

We have joined a newspaper campaign to save The Electric Palace in Harwich, a building in desperate need of restoration and renovation. Shaun Soanes, who is creating designs for the refurbishment, urges people to get behind a fundraising drive to support the next stage of the project.

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7 steps to building a home for £1,000/m²

Micro-management, attention to detail and being disciplined are all things required to cut down costs on a self-build project. Many self-builders want to know how they can keep costs down, often with an aim to keep them to around £1,000/m². It’s a challenge, but not impossible.

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St Georges Thornham architecture

8 ways to add value to your home

Do you want to improve your home whilst adding value to it? Have a read of our 8 ways that you can do so in this article.

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Nicholas Jacobs Architects becomes an LLP

NJ Architects has operated as a partnership of sorts – driven by vision, passion and ambition of its principal and founder Nick Jacob and lead associate Shaun Soanes. Now, with exciting plans for the future, it is set to make that partnership official.

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Introducing James

At NJ Architects, we are incredibly proud of the people who make up our diverse, talented and dedicated team. In a series of articles we are introducing you to some of them and discovering more about their inspirations and aspirations.

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darsham listed building

Planning permission: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Part 2

In part one of our series on planning permission, we discussed what happens when planning is navigated successfully. But what happens when things go wrong? Shaun Soanes explores the consequences of planning breaches and why it’s best to get it right from the beginning.

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Planning permission: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Part 1

Finding a stunning Tudor house to call home or a charming thatched cottage of your dreams is one thing. Finding out that it’s listed is quite another. Shaun Soanes discusses why “listed” doesn’t have to ring alarm bells and why securing planning permission is absolutely possible.

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the victoria and albert museum architecture

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Based in South Kensington since 1856, The Victoria and Albert Museum has long been known for one of the most significant collections of decorative arts across the globe and demonstrates British Design and Craftmanship through these collections as well as in the architecture of its buildings. The buildings have undergone changes through addition and alteration consistently; the Conservation Management Plan documents the significance of these changes.

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Renovating and restoring property devastated by fire

When fire ripped through the historic Norfolk property Oulton Hall, its owner was devastated. But he was also determined to make the premises a happy family home once again. NJ Architects played a massive role in making this happen.

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